09-02-18 - Membership in the Communion of Saints
09-09-18 - Christ Ordained the Holy Ministry for the Spiritual Conditioning of His Body, the Church.
09-16-18 - What Constitutes Truly God-pleasing Conduct among the Members of a Christian Congregation?
09-23-18 - Who Is Truly Wise? — His Works Will Show It.
09-30-18 - The Desired Happy Result of Christian Admonition
10-07-18 - The Faithful Christian Is Diligent in Well-doing
10-14-18 - The Mutual Duties of Children and of Parents in the Christian Home
10-21-18 - Liberality in Christian Giving — A Testimony to the Grace of God
10-28-18 - Our Timeless Reformation Heritage: Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone!
11-4-18 - True Believers Are Spiritually Alive in Christ
11-11-18 - Are You Ready Right Now for Judgment Day?
11-18-18 - The Roman Papacy - A Sign of the Times
11-25-18 - "Jerusalem the Golden" Is Our Heavenly Home
12-02-18 - "Behold, Thy King Cometh unto Thee!"
12-09-18 - The Savior’s Twofold Message to US Christians in the Signs of His Second Advent
12-16-18 - Jesus’ Miracles Prove Him to Be the Promised Messiah and the Savior of the World
12-23-18 - The Exemplary Confession of John the Baptist
12-24-18 - Christmas Eve Service *
12-25-18 - The Joyous Message of the Christmas Angels *
12-30-18 - The Blessed RESULT of Taking the Christchild Up into Our Arms of Faith
12-31-18 - Our New Year’s Comfort and Assurance Lies in the NAME of Our Redeemer *
01-06-19 - The Guiding Star of God’s Holy Word *
01-13-19 - The Mystery of Christ’s Person and Work Manifested by Him in His Youth *

Links marked with an * include the full Service.

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