04-21-19 - The Easter Angel’s Message Brings Us a Fourfold Comfort and Assurance from the Savior’s Resurrection.
04-28-19 - The Great Blessings Which the Risen Savior Bestows upon His Disciples
05-05-19 - Jesus, Our Perfect Good Shepherd
05-12-19 - Our Great Comfort in the Promise of Our Savior’s Second Coming
05-19-19 - The Preaching Office of the Holy Ghost
05-26-19 - How Should the Christian Pray?
06-02-19 - Our Ascension Comfort in Christ’s Threefold Office
06-09-19 - Jesus’ Promise of the Comforter to His Disciples and to Us
06-16-19 - The Holy Trinity Manifested at Our Savior’s Baptism
06-23-19 - The All-Sufficiency of Scripture for the Saving Faith
06-28-19 Convention Friday - "Heaven & Earth Shall Pass Away, but My Words Shall Not Pass Away." *
06-30-19 Convention Sunday - Convention Sunday Service *
07-07-19 - Jesus Earnestly Seeks the Lost
07-14-19 - What Should Move a Christian to be Merciful?
07-21-19 - We Christians Can Confidently Expect the Lord’s Blessing upon Our Work
07-28-19 - What Is the Righteousness that Saves
08-04-19 - The Lord Jesus Lovingly Provides for His Dear Children
08-11-19 - “Beware of False Prophets!”
08-18-19 - Exercising True Wisdom in the Stewardship of God’s Gifts
08-25-19 - The Tragic Consequences of Abusing One’s Time of Grace
09-01-19 - Just How Is a Poor Sinner Personally Justified before God? *
09-08-19 - Jesus Shows Himself to be Our Savior by Healing the Deaf *
09-15-19 - Man Is Incapable of Justifying Himself by God’s Law, Even by Its Second Table Alone.*

Links marked with an * include the full Service.

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