05-06-18 - Nothing Is More Disgusting to Our Savior than Lukewarm Christians!
05-13-18 - The External Testimony of the Holy Spirit Assures Us that We Are God’s Children
05-20-18 - The Manifestation of the Spirit in the Kingdom of Grace
05-27-18 - The Sure and Certain Testimony of the Gospel
06-03-18 - Let Us Continue in the Perfect Love of God!
06-10-18 - Bold Christian Testimony Is a Fruit of Faith
06-17-18 - Through the Cross to Glory
06-24-18 - “By the Grace of God I Am What I Am."
07-01-18 - An Exhortation to Forthright Christian Testimony
07-08-18 - Are We Really Alive as Christians? Then Let’s Act Like It!
07-15-18 - The Knowledge of Sin and Its Wages Is Indispensable for the True Appreciation of the Gospel
07-22-18 - To Whom Do We Owe Our Lives of Allegiance…
07-29-18 - In the Example of the Children of Israel Lies a Three-fold Admonition to Us Latter-Day Christians
08-05-18 - The Manifold Grace of God Strengthens True Believers in the Face of Death
08-12-18 - Let Us Hold Fast in Faith to the Only True God!
08-19-18 - Why We Christians Must Mark and Avoid False Teachers
08-26-18 - The Apostle’s Solemn Charge to All Faithful Pastors
09-02-18 - Membership in the Communion of Saints
09-09-18 - Christ Ordained the Holy Ministry for the Spiritual Conditioning of His Body, the Church. *
09-16-18 - What Constitutes Truly God-pleasing Conduct among the Members of a Christian Congregation? *
09-23-18 - Who Is Truly Wise? — His Works Will Show It. *
09-30-18 - The Desired Happy Result of Christian Admonition *

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