06-21-20 - The Christian’s Brotherly Love – A Testimony of the Holy Spirit
06-28-20 - Our Survival as Christians in these Last Perilous Times
07-05-20 - Our Lot as the Children of God
07-12-20 - An Exhortation to Forthright Christian Testimony
07-19-20 - How Is a Man Saved Eternally?
07-26-20 - The Great Contrast in Life…
08-02-20 - Why We Christians Must Mark and Avoid False Teachers
08-09-20 - A Threefold Admonition to Us Latter-Day Christians
08-16-20 - The Special Gifts of the Holy Spirit Are Ours to Use for the Benefit of All
08-23-20 - Hold Fast to the Two Basic Principles of God’s Word and You Will Not Be Led Astray into the Byways of Error!
08-30-20 - The Superiority of the Gospel Ministry over the Ministry of the Law
09-06-20 - The Agreement between the Law and the Gospel Lies in Their Common Goal: The Salvation of Mankind
09-13-20 - The Constant Struggle in a Christian’s Walk of Life
09-20-20 - Our Spiritual Harvest Is Affected by Where We Sow Our Seed
09-27-20 - The Importance of Becoming Ever Stronger in Our Faith
10-04-20 - Let Us Be Eager to Keep Our Precious Unity!
10-11-20 - The Marks of True Christian Unity
10-18-20 - The Christian’s Twofold Obligation in Sanctification of Life
10-25-20 - Make the Most of Your Time of Grace!
11-01-20 - Why We Must Ever Cling to the Doctrine of Justification by Grace for Christ’s Sake through Faith *
11-08-20 - The Model Prayer of a Christian Pastor for His Dear People *
11-15-20 - A Person’s Spiritual Walk in this Life Points to His Destination in Eternity *
11-22-20 - Hymns & Liturgy for 11-22-20
11-26-20 - Hymns & Liturgy for Thanksgiving 11-26-20

Links marked with an * include the full Service.

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